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Stated as the benchmark for all Superlite bikes, the MX1 is the king of the track. Sporting a high revving 190cc Japanese engine, BSP front adjustable suspension and BSP rear high/low adjustable suspension, 7116 alloy wheels and rims, on the fly clutch adjustment, alloy swing arm, full perimeter frame, mappable engine curves and top class geometry, the MX1 marks a new era in Superlite riding.

Built from the ground up on 10 years of experience with 2 world titles under its belt, this bike isn’t for the faint hearted.


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Thông số kỹ thuật..Specifications

Loại động cơ:..Engine: 190cc 4 VALVE DAYTONA

Kiểu hệ thống truyền lực:..Transmission: 4 SPEED

Hệ thống bôi trơn:..Lubrication: OIL

Bộ chế hòa khí:..Carburation: 30mm FLATSIDE

Hệ thống đánh lửa:..Ignition: CDI

Hệ thống khởi động:..Start Up: KICK

Loại truyền động:..Final Drive: SPROCKET 39T/FRONT SPROCKET 15T/CHAIN 420HD

Phuộc trước:..Front Suspension: 735mm UPSD BSP FORK - FULLY ADJUSTABLE

Phuộc sau:..Rear Suspension: BSP 330mm ADJUSTABLE SHOCK ABSORBER


Phanh trước:..Front Brake: HYDRAULIC DISC

Phanh sau:..Rear Brake: HYDRAULIC DISC

Kích thước bánh trước:..Front Tyre: 60/100/14”

Kích thước bánh sau:..Back Tyre: 80/100/12”

Bánh xe:..Wheels: CNC HUBS/ALLOY RIMS 7116

Hệ thống treo:..Swing Arm: MONO ALUMINIUM

Gác chân:..Foot Pegs: STAINLESS STEEL

Khoảng cách giữa 2 trục bánh xe:..WheelBase: 1210mm

Chiều dài tổng thể:..Overall Length: 1710mm

Độ cao từ tay lái tới mặt đất:..HandleBar Height:

Độ cao yên:..Seat Height: 785mm

Trọng lượng khô:..Dry Weight: 79 kg

Dung tích bình xăng:..Fuel Capacity: 4L

With its roots firmly in it's racing background the all new MX1 is the new benchmark of Superlite riding. With two world titles under it's belt it's hard to argue otherwise. The MX1 for 2016 builds on that heritage with refined geometry, new design plastics, revised heavy duty CNC hubs and the addition of twin pipes with a bomb header. Try it today, it will not disappoint.

Not for the faint hearted, the MX1 with the Daytona 4V 190cc engine is ready to rip any track or trail you want to put in front of it. With the mappable engine you can control torque and rev limiter easily for different riding styles or tracks. The MX1 comes equipped with 7116 Alloy Rim, Hubs and Triple Clamps showing dedication to quality and strength in the build. Backed by braaap's lifetime warranty you can also have the assurance we stand by our products.

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The MX1 is the king of the track.

Built from the ground up on 10 years of experience with 2 world titles under its belt, this bike isn’t for the faint hearted.

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    ....Bảo hành trọn đời (4,370,000 VND + VAT)..Lifetime Warranty ($192 USD + VAT)....


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